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Soundtrack inspired by Oliver Jovanovic's SF novel "Grotlo". Deep in Oort cloud spaceship Tsiolkovski Goddard encounter gravitational anomaly caused by a planetoid "Grotlo". After a ships malfunction the crew is forced to land on "Grotlo". What is awaiting there is something unexpected, something Lavcraftian.

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Alien Looped Organic Noise

Contact at elektrobankmusik at yahoo dot com

An Noise/IDM/industrial/dark ambient section of ElektroBankMusik is a soundscape reflection of political/ecolological state of this world and it is also inspired with dystopian/cyber punk science fiction.

Dark and minimal epics. Organic looped alien noise. Conspiracy theories or near future reality?

You can download ElektroBankMusik net release
Brave New World album
@ EBMenter

Brave New World" contains 12 tracks
For Aurora/Pyrite/Burst/Droid Producing Facility/Night Scan/HAARP/20011/Nuclear Winter Option/Analogue Dawn/For Aurora 2/Aurora/Rain Eternal

WMK's Electro/Noise 2nd lp "Minimal Sessions V 1.1" was released in 2006 as cd release. It contains 11 new tracks that are put together as a mix cd with different styles like Noise/IDM/Electro/Techno. You can download 3 tracks from lp (Konzum Droid, Sub Mono, Descent) @ WMK Soundclick page . For distribution in civilised world go to our brothers in arms site @ Roil Noise distro
Beyond "Aurora" is a world of "Glacial". D/L it to your mp3 player and go outside.
A soundtrack for a coming ice age.
Genre: Ambient/Electronica
4 tracks@256 kbps + cover

Pyrite (track influenced by works of Autechre. Is it industrial progres and rape of nature justified? Is it gold or fools gold (pyrite)? Q is "what are you doing here")?
-Rain Eternal (slow ambient track that reminds that there is a hope in preservation of nature)
-HAARP - minimal mind control electronic pulse
-Analogue Dawn - inspired by early works of kraftwerk & tangerine dream
-Wave (Length) Sea - ambient warp like IDM track
or you can listen samples or download them on this link: WMK Soundclick.

What is HAARP? Learn here.

Fossil Species a Drone Compilation" is released by US Noise/Industrial label "Roil Noise". It is a 2 cd monster compilation that contains full version of WMK track "Nuclear Winter Option" among other respectable artists. You can find more info at Roil Noise page or read rewiev from Aural Pressure

"Tadapilation V" is a web compilation by Tada Recordings (France). You can download WMKs track "Civilization Malfunction" from Tada Recordings

Watchmenmk "2012" live is out as web release on Roil Noise. You can download whole set of WMK 2012 Live . Relax and enjoy the show.

Review of "2012"by fingersinthenose (translation):
Recorded live with the LFO2 festival and published at Roil Noise, this service of Watchmenmk is really excellent. Serb group, Watchmenmk points out the great planing German groups as Tangerine Dream but while bringing a small key undue money and experimental which gives an unquestionable modernity to the unit. To listen without fear, it is music to dream among stars.

Kultur:Frei Live is released by Hungarian label Red Star Budapest. It is a 17 tracks live performance that includes Watchmenmk/TLF stuff. With some new matreial and exclusive "TLF vs Rabbit Girls" track. You can order it for frei from redstarbudapest .
Watchmenmk live
02.03.2006. LFO2 electronic music festival SKC, Belgrade SKC

05.14. 2006.Free Culture festival Dom Omladine, Beograd Slobodnakultura.org

07.09.2006. Elektrana, Exit festival, Novi Sad Elektrana.net or Exit festival

Watchmenmk @ myspace http://www.myspace.com/watchmenmk1